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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Book Review: Famiy Wanted- Stories of Adoption

Family Wanted: Stories of Adoption

edited by Sara Holloway

I was happily touched by the book Family Wanted: Stories of Adoption edited by Sara Holloway. It is a collection of essays written by professional writers who have been touched by adoption in the most personal of ways.
There are three sections of the book, first essays written are written by people who were adopted as children. Some are sweet, some are confused, all are very real.
The essays written by birth mothers are next. For me these essays were poignant and heart braking. I felt reading these raw emotional essays increased my empathy significantly.
Last are the essays from adoptive parents. It was this section that I read as if it were water in a desert. To read of parents experiencing struggles similar to my husband and mines, of their determination and drive to build family, and finally of their sweet success was a balm to my frustrated heart.
Following is the conclusion of one of the adoptive mother’s essay:
“Yes, there were obstacles- but look how things turned out. I wake up in the morning- or should I say am awakened, like today- with you jumping onto my bed, clambering over me, and giving me a dimpled smile, then a big kiss. ‘Come on Mama,’ you demand, tugging at the covers. ‘Get up and make my breakfast.’ That smile and kiss are worth everything to me. (“Dear Djeneba” Meg Bortin.)

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