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Friday, January 16, 2009

Prospective Adoptive Families

If you are hoping to adopt and would like your name and blog or profile added to this list, please email me your names and the URL of your blog or profile.

adoptionfyi at gmail dot com

Aranne and Dan

Marisa and Imran
Linda and Peter
The Whitty Family  (adopted)
Leisha and Brian
Sharon and Jacob (adopted)
Andrea and Josh
Angee and Robby
Camie and Michael (adopted)
Sarah and Alex (adopted)
Cara and Jared
Laura and Paul (adopted - incredible story!)
Theresia and Kurt
Kendra and Don
Michelle and Bill
Bonnie and Rick (adopted)
Meghan and Kenny (adopted)
Chantel and Brian
Elizabeth and Jeff

Jeremy, Leslie and Emmy and Reese (adopted)