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Monday, October 19, 2009

Matching Mondays: Washington Edition

13 years

(Click on his picture to see his entire profile, including a video of Daneil.)

Legally free, DANIEL (2/96) holds a special place in the hearts of the social workers who have known him during his many years in foster care. He is described as endearing and rewarding, yet needing protection. Among Daniel’s endearing traits are his boyish sense of humor, his gentleness with young children, his inquisitiveness and his easy sociability. He is highly motivated to please others and earn rewards. He has many interests, including fishing, drawing, outdoor play and conversation.

Daniel is very eager to find his permanent family. With his out-going personality he has the capability to do well in many different family situations, although a very large family may not be able to meet his needs for attention. Having a dad or a dad figure in his adoptive family who is actively involved in nurturing and parenting would be wonderful for Daniel.

10 years

(click on his photo to see his entire profile including a video of this adorable boy!)

JASON (3/99) loves to play outdoors, riding his bike, shooting hoops, and playing with others. He also enjoys watching cartoons on TV and coloring. Jason, who needs help in structuring his time, absolutely loves to have adults interact with him – he is very responsive to hugs and affection and to parental encouragement and praise. Jason typically follows parental requests and house rules without any problems. Most of the time, he is happy kid. He enjoys going to school and learning new things. He also has a real interest in being part of whatever is going on in the family – he especially likes to help out around the house and to participate in various projects. A handsome boy with a slim build, large, dark eyes and curly hair, Jason has been described by recent foster parents as loving and wanting to behave.

1 Year (almost 2)

(click on this little angle's photo to see his entire profile.)

Legally free, BRANDON (11/07) is a darling baby boy who continues to live in the same excellent, loving, and highly skilled foster home where he was placed following his premature and complicated birth.

While Brandon is able to sit, stand, crawl, walk, play with toys, and feed himself using his hands, he has significant development difficulties, some of which will be life-long.


  1. Do you support adoptions out of the foster care system? I am a biological mother whose family was ripped apart by the corruption in CPS. However, I fully support birth mothers and adoptions IF it's the birth parents choice to do so. In fact, as a general rule, I think it's the best of both worlds, especially when the adoptive parents allow the birth parents to be a part of the child's life. However, I do not support adoptions where parents have done everything...plus more...to regain custody but CPS terminates their rights just so that these children can be sold on the foster/adopt market so that they can get that federal adoption money guaranteed them by ASFA (the Adoption and Safe Families Act). I'm just curious what your take is on this.

    Again, I am all for adoption under certain circumstances. I adopted a 16 year old girl (not officially) and I truly love her just as if I gave birth to her. She chose to come live with us at 16 when she and her mom couldn't get along and I never asked for one dime in child support or help from the government. It was a very positive experience and never was her mom cut out of her life. In fact, I encouraged her to work on her relationship with her real mom. I never tried to replace her but she knows we love her and if she ever needs anything, she knows where to come.

  2. Divotdawg, I would love to see reform of the Foster Care system. It is very far from perfect. I am sorry for pain you have experienced because of them.
    I do support foster adoption. There are many children who, through no fault of their own, were born to parents who do not have the stability and ability to raise a child. Those children deserve loving families. This is the program that our society has created in attempt to give those children what they deserve.
    I can not comment on your particular case. I don't know you, I don't know what happened. However, generalizing all foster adoption cases, case workers, and situations as evil based on one experience is not productive.
    As I said before, the system is not perfect, in fact it has horrible flaws, but condemning it here will not help change that. As I discover more ways that I feel will help bring about change in the system I will share them here and as we all work toward and sacrifice for that goal our society and communities will develop better mechanisms for protecting and nurturing these very vulnerable children- which is what we all really want.